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Mark Talbot

Mark Talbot
Mark has been working in traditional as well as digital media & marketing since 1989, across a wide variety of fields: Print and automated data publishing; Exhibit interactives; Content marketing, Brand development strategies, Digital media consulting, and e-Commerce website design & development. When not pushing pixels around, he enjoys hiking in his backyard which includes the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the Rio Grande National Wilderness area, and the Baca National Wildife Refuge. He's been known to take off-mid week to carve the amazing powder that dumps at the Wolf Creek Ski Area, where he can be seen barreling down the black runs, grinning like a fool and howling with glee.

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Time for a Technology Refresh?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 11, 2017 2:59:00 PM / by Mark Talbot posted in Multi Channel Retailing, replatforming

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What do I mean when I say, “Technology Refresh?” A tech refresh means a new website that is integrated with your POS (Point of Sale) system, has advanced filtering, shares content across the platform, manages the supply chain between inventory and vendors, and integrates with your unique shipping & fulfillment needs.

In the minds of most e-tailers, the idea of a tech refresh just sucks. All this pain and suffering, and at the end of it who really raves about their POS or inventory management system? I liken it to a root canal. You’re living in misery until you do it, and even during the process, you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable. But when it’s all done -

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4 Questions to Answer Before Re-platforming Your E-commerce Software

[fa icon="calendar'] May 9, 2017 6:41:43 PM / by Mark Talbot posted in replatforming

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You've reached your limit with your current ecommerce platform, but what steps do you take next?

You may be wrestling with the decision to re-platform for many reasons. The most common reason we hear is usually that you have built a franken-system of spaghetti code, disparate databases, alongside various components and silo’ed micro-platforms that do not speak to one-another. You and your staff are tearing your hair out trying to keep everything in-sync. This patchwork nightmare is failing to capture all your revenue opportunities, and is costing you time/money to manage the increasing complexity.

In this PDF whitepaper download, you will understand how to answer:

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