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Top 5 Signs It Is Time To Replatform Your POS & eCommerce backend

[fa icon="calendar"] Dec 15, 2016 10:32:38 PM / by Graham Torpey

Graham Torpey


Top 5 Signs It Is Time To Replatform:

When you are running a growing retail business, with multiple sales channels: physical storefronts, eCommerce websites, and online marketplace like Amazon you need to be on top of your backend game. 

 The top 5 signs telling you it is time to change your eCommerce and POS backends to a more scalable OmniChannel platform:

1. Out of Sync Data

Data can get out of whack in any number of ways. A common issue for retailers today is having backends that do not talk or do not sync important info in real-time. For example, if you sell a product through your website and it does not update your in-store inventory automatically.  A big issue in a busy selling season, especially if your primary inventory location is the same as your main POS storefront.  Or worse, let's say you are selling lots of products through Amazon and your inventory is not sync'ing properly.  We hear about this issue all the time. Anyone selling on Amazon knows that this trend does not win Amazon's favor.  

2. Repeat Data Entry

There is nothing worse than having to re-enter the same data multiple times in different backends because they won't talk together. Talk about a waste of time. Drop the multiple backends for different POS platforms, eCommerce, inventory and fulfillment apps that don't work together – and replace them with a unified solution.

3. Unrealiable Data

This issue is clearly related to 'out of sync data', yet notably different... There is a huge distinction between data that has just 'not caught up' to what has happened, and data that is just flat out wrong or unreliable. When your systems are not talking properly, it affects reporting and analytics, creating a trickle down effect of confusion and frustration. Unreliable data can be even worse, especially if you can't tell heads from tales. Is my info wrong, or just out of sync? In this way, unreliable data is the damaging by-product caused by out-of-sync systems. Things get out of sync, the problem compounds, and now you are not sure if you can trust this sales report, or your accounting records. Another huge pain, and big waste of time.

4. Repeat Processes

'Excess or repeat processing'  is one of the 7 "cardinal sins" when you are eliminating waste within your organization. To become effective and effecient at growing retail organization you must eliminate as much repeat/unnecessary effort as possible. Repeat processes extend beyond just duplicate data entry. If you are constantly re-weighing each package,  hand selecting each shipping method, box type, etc. – then find a way to automate this process. Most midsize businesses assume that automation is only for the big guys. This is a bad assumption. If you can systematize and automate your workflows then your business will really begin to take off.  In doing this you can put your valuable time and attention on other priorities that will enable your business to grow and profit.  Small and midsize companies especailly need to protect against this kind of waste, because every resource counts. Get your people to stop doing needless data entry, or repeat processes that can be easily automated, so they can help move the business forward.

5. Excess Fees

Most importantly – don't pay for extra's that can (and should) be included in one solution. The HubSpot Marketing Platform has risen to the top of their field for this reason. While HubSpot may not have all the bells and whistles of every marketing platform out there, they do  have all the core functionality needed to do a really good job of online marketing – from one unified solution. In this way, their solution pays for itself. Our business model at Silver Earth does exactly this: we provide the best in class platform for growing retailers to use, saving money and scaling their business. If you can accomplish even 3 points from this list by moving to a new platform that allows you to save money and scale, then it should become a top priority.


Most people delay and delay this process because it is a legitamite pain in the ass. Changing your POS and eCommerce backends can be a real chore. It takes time, money, and research to figure out what solution will work best for you. Make sure that whatever solution you choose, you have a transition team provided by your new vendor that can skillfully guide the process.


In Short

  • Get Rid Of 'Out of Sync' Data
  • End Repeat Data Entry
  • Make Sure Your Data Is Reliable
  • Eliminate Wasted Efforts
  • Pay Less With a Unified Platform 

If you can check off at least 3 of these list items – you need to consider replatforming. There are new solutions available that can fix these problems. And this is precisely what we do at Silver Earth, with our platform OmniChannel Commerce.


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PS. If You Don't Know Where to Start:

If you need to look at new solutions, we will talk about this in more detail in our next blog. MAke sure you don't miss out - subscribe to get the latest updates to our 

In short, look for a solution that will be right for your needs into the forseeable future. Don't get something that just fixes today's problem. If you want to grow, make sure your solution can scale while providing flexibility so you can keep your business open to new sales opportunities. 

 We hope this post is helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time!



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