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SHOP TWIGS adds 30% in top-line revenue with Omni-Channel Commerce

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 4, 2016 11:50:56 AM / by Graham Torpey

Graham Torpey

With an average sales transaction of more than $200, the typical ShopTwig’s customer falls into the high-end income category, and so the systems requirements to serve these sophisticated shoppers is robust. When the owners of ShopTwigs grew frustrated with their RetailPro system and difficult integration with their on-line storefront, they turned to Silver Earth to provide the One Integrated Multi-Storefront e-Commerce Platform.




Existing PoS provider, Retail Pro, was not keeping up with the online technology, and there was no easy integration with the product catalog and inventory of the brick&mortar store with the website. ShopTwigs needed to meet the requirements of high-end clientele who’s expectations were not being met online with the Retail Pro third-party “integrated” solution.



We performed a major upgrade and data migration to OmniChannel Commerce across 20,000+ customer accounts and 65,000+ orders. In the migration to OmniChannel Commerce ShopTwigs worked closely with Silver Earth developers to create custom enhancements to support blended in-store/online customer base management tools. This integration between brick & mortar and the online presence has solved countless problems and streamlined inventory management.

One centralized platform has dramatically lowered costs to support their IT environment. No more hefty annual fees to support certified POS terminals, a significant savings. One intelligent database that provides One Reporting architecture. One admin interface that allows perfect integration of brick&mortar presence and online presence.



Quickly add new products, vendors and storefronts with the click of a few buttons.

Expanded easily and with agility to enter new sales channels. Ability to market to each channel uniquely and have it all integrated in one real-time inventory.

Robust Reporting shows at a glance how thier business is performing. Real-time reporting on orders, inventory, supply chain, shipments, customers (and more) across all sales channels.


Shop Twigs has increased their sales by being able to offer their clients an online channel experience in addition to their usual brick & mortar option. They continue to realize significant savings  in their administration overhead through utilizing one unified platform. This helps them tremendously during their critical fall fashion buying season when they can assess current inventory; evaluate the past year's sales trends at both a high- and granular-level; and through this critical intel make fact-based purchasing decisions moving forward. 

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